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Places to go that aren't here:


The My Little Pony Trading Post

My Little Pony Arena

The My Little Pony Playhouse



Reference sites:

Dreamvalley <-- first place I ever went to. Good place to start getting re-acquainted with the original ponies, the g1s.

Ponytopia <-- Great place to look up information on the newest ponies, the g3s.

Rainbow Forest <-- My personal favourite site for looking up information pertaining to the second ponies, the misbegotten skinny stepchildren called the g2s. God I want more.

On top of that, there's many pages focused specifically on certain types of ponies or accessories, so with a bit of Googling one assumes you can find the info you need. If that fails? Look to the messageboards, but make sure no one else has asked that question. Because they'll kill you.

They'll kill you dead.


Moving along, we have... Places to buy:

Greatponies <-- Never had problems from here.

The MLP Trading Post <-- has a very active buying and selling area

The MLP Arena <-- see above

The MLP Playhouse <-- also does its job

And of course... Ebay


Customizing stuff: <-- a great customizer who also happens to have a ton of tutorials on her site. A good first stop if you're not sure what a custom is.

Custom Pony


Dolly Hair

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